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Abundância e diversidade da avifauna em quatro parques urbanos no município de Jundiaí, SP analisadas com o uso de sistemas de informação geográfica
Renan Augusto Bonança; Alexandre Marco da Silva
Jardim Botânico de Jundiaí e Universidade Estadual Paulista – UNESP – Campus Sorocaba
Início: 10/2012. Encerramento: 10/2014

RESUMO: The urban landscape promotes a complex relationship between the natural environment and people, and through the use of geoprocessing tools can spatially analyze these relations. In this study we are considering the hypothesis that the number of bird species is related to the areas of urban parks and their woodland surroundings areas. We selected four parks with different characteristics in the municipality of Jundiaí, SP and we use the methodology by point count and transects to inventory of birds. Through software (Webshot and GoogleMaps) an aerial image of the study area was obtained and georeferenced (ArcGIS 10). Through visual interpretation a shapefile was created, corresponding to existing woodland areas. This shapefile was confronted with circumferences centered in parks and radius of 1.000m and 2.000m to find coverage the woodland area around each park. Analyzing the number of species recorded in the park with the area of each park, and the woodland areas in buffer regions, no significant relationship was found until now. Relations was found between the number of contacts with the park area (F = 94.6917, p = 0.0077). Although our preliminary database shows that there is no relationship between number of species and the woodland area, such study is being continued, in order to confirm or reject the hypothesis above mentioned for a longer time.

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